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Innovative Kitchen Tools Tailored To Your Personality

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Innovative Kitchen Tools Tailored To Your Personality
Photo Massimo Cappella

How would you define your cooking style? Are you messy in the kitchen? Passionate about molecular gastronomy? A lover of curries? UK-based designer Massimo Cappella has launched a line of kitchen tools designed to suit all of the above personalities and more.

The line includes a high-processed food kit which contains stainless steel tools - a syringe, scalpel knife and scissors - that look more suitable for a surgeon than a chef. Then there's the food makeup set created with food stylists in mind which features powders and brushes to touch up food before eating or photographing.

Of course, there are also kitchen tools for low-tech cooks such as a natural chopping board and utensils carved out of wood from Southern Italy. Spice lovers will enjoy a lovely curry mixer palate designed to hold five different spices. You'll find these and other kitchen tools pictured below.

After feasting your eyes on these gorgeous kitchen tools,  learn more about Cappella's beautiful designs by visiting his webpage.

Via Design Boom

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