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'Food Designing', the Book by Martì Guixè

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'Food Designing', the Book by Martì Guixè

Fifteen years of food design, from the initial experiments in 1995 to the most recent works in 2010: the volume Food Designing gathers all the food-oriented projects by Martì Guixé. Tabletop lollipops to eat without your hands, molecular structures based on olives and toothpicks, sponsored cookies and potatoes: the relationship is a mix of culture, tradition and communication.

The book is divided into three sections: the first is dedicated exclusively to photographs of all kinds of food, shot all around the world by Martí Guixé and Inga Knölke; the second includes texts written by architects and designers like Beppe Finessi, Octavi Rofes, Inga Knölke and Jeffrey Swartz; the third is the complete repertory of all the food design projects by Martí Guixé, with photographs by Inga Knölke.

by Martí Guixé
Photography Inga Knölke
Corraini Edizioni
In both Italian and English
To purchase the volume click here

© Martí Guixé, courtesy Corraini Edizioni

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