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Charity Ferreira's Marshmallow Peeps Cookbook

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Charity Ferreira's Marshmallow Peeps Cookbook

Using the vivid pastel coloured PEEPS candy – the most popular “non-chocolate” Easter candy and a true “cult” food, with more than 200 dedicated fan websites – you can create all kinds of magical, witty, clever scenarios to decorate your home and delight your friends.

Perfect for year-round creativity, there are refreshing Peepsicles (perfect for a hot summer day), and a Peeps Holiday Wreath (to brighten up the winter).

In the book Peeps: Recipes and Crafts to Make with Your Favorite Marshmallow Treat Charity Ferreira’s step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, and Wolfe’s photos will spark your imagination.

Click here if you want to purchase this book.

Photo courtesy Chronicle Books

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