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The Marathon Wine Glass Helps Pace Your Drinking

By FDL on

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The Marathon Wine Glass Helps Pace Your Drinking
Photo Etsy

The best way to avoid a hangover is to limit your drinking, right? Well, those who have trouble pacing themselves might benefit from the marathon wine glass.

Designed with marathon runners in mind (who obviously know that pace is everything), this unique wine glass can help you keep track of how much you drink thanks to the handy milliliters marked on the side.

Those who'd like a short glass of wine can fill it up to the 13.1 ml mark while those would like a larger pour have the 26.2 ml mark. As a bonus, the marathon wine glass is etched with the inspirational phrase ''Pacing Yourself is Everything.''

Would you like to get your hands on this unique gift for foodies? This handmade wine glass is made to order and sold through Etsy. It retails for $22.

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