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The Coffee Filter That Lasts a Lifetime

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The Coffee Filter That Lasts a Lifetime
Photo Kaffeologie

Are you an eco-friendly coffee drinker frustrated by the waste produced by paper coffee filters? Then the reusable S Filter may be for you.

Made of fine stainless steel, the innovative coffee filter was specifically designed for the Aeropress coffee maker. The S Filter  has 50,000 tiny holes that allow for maximum extraction of coffee and its essential oils. It was developed by Kaffeologie, a Seatlle-based company that designs stainless steel reusable coffee filters. 

The sustainable coffee filter is being promoted on Kickstarter by Nate Jones, the founder of Kaffeologie. The company needs to raise enough funds to begin production. Watch this video to see the S Filter in action and perhaps get inspired to contribute to the project.

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Via Kickstarter

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