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Life Lessons from Marco Pierre White at the Oxford Union

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Life Lessons from Marco Pierre White at the Oxford Union
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Love him or loath him, Marco Pierre White can command a room. Here he addresses the Oxford Union where he regales the students of the most prestigious college in the world with tales of his humble beginnings in Yorkshire, how he got a start in the restautant industry and the series of chance encounters that led him on a journey that saw him rise to the very top of the world of gastronomy.

Pausing for dramatic effect, White takes us back to the sepia tinged beginnings at the Hotel St. George, on to the Box Tree, La Gavroche and under Pierre Koffmann’s wing at La Tante Claire in Chelsea, London, and his own restaurant Harvey’s the legend of his three Michelin stars, White inhabited a world of kitchens staffed by hard men from humble beginnings, of French masters and ambitious young Englishmen.

Chef White holds the room in the palm of this hand as he recounts what made his success. He is full of sage advice and impresses on the young minds how all his success is down to luck and having the presence of mind to take advantage of opportunity when it presents itself.

Marco Pierre White is considered the best chef of his generation and one of the most important figures the modern British fine dining and it’s a great pleasure to spend time in his company in such an intimate setting.

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