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“Library”, the most famous books ever written on grains of rice

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“Library”, the most famous books ever written on grains of rice

Library is a project from the artist and curator Trong G. Nguyen, who, since 2007 has been painting texts from classic literature onto singles grains of rice. Among his quoted authors are Roland Barthes and Charles Dickens, whose masterpieces have been distilled to their most basic elements: words.

Each plastic bag contains a chapter of a book and features a recognizable title and author. The text, on the other hand, becomes a kind of puzzle to be composed, and the only thing that immediately strikes us is the length of each work, represented by the quantity of rice in each bag. The title words are written on golden grains.

If nothing else, this artistic gesture brings our attention to how we consume books in the modern world, as suggested by the blog Gastronomista, which brought Ngueyn’s work to our attention.

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