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Buy Unused Restaurant Food with This Leftovers App

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Buy Unused Restaurant Food with This Leftovers App
Photo Too Good to Go

Food waste in restaurants is a huge problem, for the environment and for businesses, but of course, if people want to eat fresh food, it’s unavoidable. This is where a new leftovers app fits in.

Too Good to Go, which was founded in Denmark in 2015 and is currently UK–focused, is a leftovers app that allows users to purchase unused food from restaurants, which they then go and collect at the end of service for a very cheap price. So you could be looking at getting a decent meal for around £2.

No Menu

Users choose a “portion” of food leftovers from the desired restaurant – there are no menus – and then arrange to collect it – they’re given a box to fill up with whatever’s available. Businesses make money from food that would otherwise be thrown away, food waste is reduced and users get to eat great fresh food for next to nothing. Win, win, and win.

Growing Fast

Too Good to Go is currently available in Brighton and Leeds, and will be rolled out in Birmingham, London and Manchester soon, and then hopefully, to the world.

Watch the explanatory video below.

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