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Restaurant Leftovers App Promises Food for All

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Restaurant Leftovers App Promises Food for All

Food waste is one of the biggest problems we face currently – just take a look at these startling figures, which show the sheer scale of the crisis. It’s estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted worldwide per year, nearly a third of all that is produced.

That’s totally unacceptable of course, not to mention, unsustainable, and several bright minded folks are taking on the good fight, developing leftover food apps that enable people to buy leftover restaurant food at the touch of a button: Too Good to Go and Lunchie for example.

Both of those started in Europe, but now there’s a new app primed for launch Stateside. As Grub Street reports, Food for all is the brainchild of Boston Entrepreneur David Rodriguez, in fact it’s the graduation project for his MBA. It works in an identical way to Too Good to Go: you pick a restaurant through the app, turn up at the end of service and get given whatever’s left – no choice – at a knock down price of up to 80% less.

Rodriguez has a Kickstarter campaign running currently for the prototype and is about a fifth of the way towards his target. If succcessful, he plans to launch in Boston and New York, ideally, by next summer, and says 30 boston restaurants have already committed to help pilot the app.  Watch the video below for more information.

We’re hoping that this glut of leftover food apps means it will start entering the public consciousness and eating restaurant leftovers will become as normal and as easy as say ordering an Uber taxi. What shall we do for dinner tonight? Too Good to Go? Food For All? Fingers crossed.

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