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Take DSLR Style Food Pictures on Your iPhone

By FDL on

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Take DSLR Style Food Pictures on Your iPhone

If you're looking to considerably improve your mobile food photography with one simple gadget then the Ladibird may be just that.

Created by a team of design students from Singapore the device promises to add DSLR camera capabilities to an iPhone.

Ladibird slips onto the iPhone similar to a mobile phone case and upgrades the regular camera lens to a 50mm F1.8 prime lens, the device also improves on the light sensor within the camera.

The idea is that the improved lens and sensor will allow users to take DSLR quality pictures with improved depth of field directly on their iPhone. It's not the first gadget invented to help improve mobile photography. The Luxi, which like the Ladibird was also paid for through crowd sourced funding, is a sensor that fits into the phone, displaying info on what light settings to use when taking pictures.



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  • ladibird said on

    Oh hello! Thanks so much for featuring us! Ladibird is really built as a portrait camera but the lens should be great for food as well. We'll do some testing and let you know the results later on in after Quarter 2. (Need to check on macro perfomance when taking food shots) Cheers!

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