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Wi-Fi Bottles Take Your Wine Online

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Wi-Fi Bottles Take Your Wine Online

If you’re sick of going to the wine cellar only to realise that you lost your phone connection then the this Kuvée wine bottle that connects directly to the internet could be for you. Alternatively, you might see it as a big waste of money.

The company behind Kuvée claim to have reinvented the wine bottle with their slick, wi-fi enabled and touchscreen rocking wine bottles.

The idea is that a users buy the bottle and then purchase different cartridges that contain their wine of choice, at the moment the company have 48 different cartridges of different wines from 12 wineries.

The clever part comes when the bottle recognises the cartridge being used and displays information on the wine, pairing notes and a description of how it’s made.

The company also claim that the cartridges can keep your wine fresh for up to 30 days thanks to a design that minimises the amount of oxygen hitting the wine.

The device looks cool and it’s sure to impress your dinner guest but is it really needed? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook.  It's worth noting that the company behind the product have already raised $6 million in funding.

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