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Mr Knife Fanatic and His Amazing Knife Skills

By FDL on

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Mr Knife Fanatic and His Amazing Knife Skills

We recently brought you a great Knife Skills Infograph and that's because we really believe that knives are your best friend in the kitchen. A good knife and good knife skills makes the job of cutting, chopping and precision dicing a dream, but it can be hard to know exactly what knifes to buy and just what skills to employ.

We've brought you a number of stories on quality knifes and now we've found a great Youtube channel from Mr Knife Fanatic who demonstrates some amazing knife skills. He shows people a range of knives all with amazing results. Below are just three of the videos from his channel, starting with a Moritaka Kiritsuke knife and then a Konosuke HD blade.

The Konosuke HD shows ultra precision when chopping a tomato with the blade going through the ingredient like it was thin air. Mr Knife Fanatic also has a video in which he chops the head of a pineapple in one swing of a Richmond Laser.

So if you're looking for some new knives these videos are well worth a look before you buy.

Moritaka Kiritsuke

Konosuke HD

Richmond Laser

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