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Unnecessary Cutlery Designs

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Unnecessary Cutlery Designs

In attempt to highlight some of the crazy options now available when it comes to which cutlery to use for different foods, Artist Lee Ben David has created this range of ‘unnecessary’ cutlery designs.

David has produced a range of stainless steel cutlery with specific attachments designs to eat foods like spaghetti, salad and artichokes.

The contraptions, like a three pronged instrument made for eating cherry tomatoes, are completely over engineered in an attempt to highlight the “extreme situation” we are facing when it comes to cutlery choices.

While researching the project David said she came across an “absurd” amount of variation in cutlery, especially in fine dining. She says that many of us forget the joy of eating a slice of cake with our hands and that we should be careful about disconnecting with our food through a long list of overly complicated cutlery designs.


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