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Chop Like a Pro with This Kitchen Gadget

By FDL on

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Chop Like a Pro with This Kitchen Gadget

Always find your chops to be uneven? Never cut an onion into symmetrical pieces? Cutting food in the kitchen may seem simple but to do it perfectly every time and have the control to cut the similar sizes to those you find on high end plates of food takes skill and many hours practice.

Knife skills are essential in the professional kitchen but at home there is the option to cheat.

The Torro is a cutting stabilizer that allows home cooks to cut fruit and veg - tomatoes, onions, apples - in perfect shapes and sizes every time.

The ingredient is placed inside the toro and then the stenciled cuts allow the cook to places their knife perfectly every time. A bit like stabilizers for the bike the Torra will make sure you cut straight every time.

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