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No More Soggy Cereal

By FDL on

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No More Soggy Cereal

Soggy cereal is the all mighty killer of breakfast - there's nothing worse than getting a few mouthfuls into some delicious crispy cereal only to find it's then turned soggy as you eat.

Few products have aimed to fix a problem that sees millions of people each morning eat their cereal much quicker than necessary in a vane attempt to stave of sogginess. But never fear because The Obul is here, a new plate design that aims to kill sogginess once and for all.

It's quite simple really. Users place there cereal at the top of the bowl and the milk at the bottom. A two tiered system then keeps the milk and the cereal separate with the user dipping just the cereal they are about to consume into the milk.

A simple fix to the problem and a for sure fire way of ensuring crispy cereal every time.

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