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BakeBot, the Cooking Robot that Makes Cakes

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BakeBot, the Cooking Robot that Makes Cakes
Photo Coutesy of MIT

Although not quite on the market yet there is a lot of development taking place into robotic kitchen aids. Robots that bake cookies, pour drinks and cook pancakes have already been demonstrated to the world.

At Harvard's MIT they recently released a video of a robot making cookies and although it has a long way to come it shows that binary operated devices will soon be able to take over some of the more mundane tasks in the kitchen.

We think that the ultimate dream scenario of a fully automated robot that cooks and also cleans is still a fair way off but there is a venue in Japan that is manned by robot bar staff. They take orders, clean and serve drinks to customers.

However, they're yet to develop software that teaches them to listen to customers troubles and offer affectionate advice - surely the staple requirement of any great bar man.

 Here's a video of MIT's PR2 robot in action making cookies and lots of mess:

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