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5 Great Kitchen Products for Chefs

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5 Great Kitchen Products for Chefs

New products aimed at chefs are introduced almost daily, some of these innovations are great, useful and well designed, others not so much. With this in mind, we decided to bring you a round up of great products for chefs, from waterproof notepads to stain-proof whites.

Here’s our collection of great kitchen products for chefs - the ones that are actually worth buying. 


First up we have the Stone Notebook - a simple notebook with a selection of features that show it was truly designed with chefs in mind. It has waterproof and stain proof paper that’s made using limestone, meaning your spills will literally wipe away. It has a pen holder, a spot for notes and recipes in the back, a kitchen conversion chart and a handy magnet so you can stick it on the kitchen top.

Check the video for a look, it’s also available in different colors and with unique restaurant design if you order enough.


Stain and waterproof seem to be the greatest options when it comes to creating cool kitchen gear and the next product we have are chef whites that are coated in a nanotechnology that means stains literally slip right off the whites. It’s pretty crazy to watch the video as the all manner of nasty stains slide away, they're designed by Fabricor. 


Gastronomix is a little different, dubbed an online brainstorming tool, it asks chefs to offer up their creative solutions for ingredients. The database has thousands of combinations of ingredients, dishes and techniques from over 20,000 users and is billed as an app designed by chefs for chefs. It certainly has some interesting suggestions, take a look at the video below for a better explanation. 


If you want to splash out big time and you don’t mind waiting on the list, some of the most sought after chef knives are those designed by the legendary bladesmith, Bob Kramer. He has a different sets of knives but the handmade, custom chef knives are what he’s famous for. Instead of standard steel to produce his blades, Kramer forges his knives from melted meteorite and the finished products are beautiful.

For those that don't want to wait on a list for too long, we have some self-sharpening knives designed using NASA inspired technology. They’re produced by Habitat who make a chef, pairing and Santoku knife using “nano-serration” - a process the makers claim sharpens the knife as it’s being used. The knives were very popular on Kickstarter where they raised over $300,000 from around 2,100 backers.


Simple as they may be, these kitchen conversion magnets are the perfect thing to have stuck in the kitchen. The handy magnet can be spun to reveal a whole list of useful conversions. Perfect for when you’re getting to grips with a recipe using a different measurement system. Find them here. 

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