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Is This The Kitchen of The Future?

By FDL on

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Is This The Kitchen of The Future?

The kitchen of the future may well look like the image below if the Belgium designer Xavier Bonte has anything to do with it.

Presented at the recent 100% Design Festival in London, Bonte’s kitchen of the future was picked out one of the top 20 designs to watch at the event.

Within the Sky Is The Limit kitchen island, inspired by a cloud, sits a whole mix of kitchen devices. The lid of the pod magically opens to reveal an induction stove, two sinks, a fridge, taps, steam oven, coffe machine and heating draws, all perfectly crafted inside the unit and all coated in stain and bacteria resistant material. It's also fitted with a built in extractor fan to rid your kitchen of smells when cooking. 

As you can see from the video below, this kitchen of the future is more than a simple concept with people throughout the festival standing to marvel at a working prototype of the design.

Pair this with self cooking pans and this hi-tech knife of the future and you could be looking at your future kitchen.

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