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37 Awesome Kitchen Gadgets - The Weird, Wacky and Wonderful

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37 Awesome Kitchen Gadgets - The Weird, Wacky and Wonderful

Gadget, Gadget, Gadgets! Kitchen gadgets to be precise. We love them - most keen cooks are mad for a new kitchen gadget and the more wacky, weird or wonderful ones are what we’ve decided to highlight in this collection of 37 kitchen gadgets to have in your life.

We’ve looked back through the year and into the future to bring you our collection of what have to be the coolest kitchen gadgets around. From mad space age tables that teach you how to cook to more readily available technology that makes being in the kitchen a whole lot more fun - sit back as we take you on a trip through the exciting shelves of kitchen gadgetry.

1 - Pizza Slicer - $12-15  - Website

Because everyone needs to cut their pizza like a boss at least once and, as the Pizza Boss Cutter title suggests, this is just the gadget to make it happen.

2 - Fat Skimming Ladle - $40 - Website

Here’s a clever little contraption that makes it super simple to skim the fat from you broth, stock, gravy, stew - whatever it is you’re cooking.

Read More About This Kitchen Gadget.

3 - A Bob Kramer Meteorite Knife - Custom Pricing - Website

Because these are quite possibly some of the most beautiful knives we’ve ever seen. They’re bought through a lottery system because they’re in such high demand and the price can easily get into the thousands - especially when looking at his custom designs.

4 - Herb Scissors - $10 - Website

Although it looks like the work of two stoners desperate to cut their buds more efficiently, these four blades in one set of scissors are the perfect kitchen drawer gadget for simple herb handling.

5 - Portable Food Smoking Gun $100 - Website

Run around the kitchen like some sort of meat smoking terminator with this clever smoking gun. More seriously, this will add a tang of smoky taste to your meat that you didn’t know you could achieve indoors.

Read more about this kitchen gadget.

6 - Flexible Measuring Cups - $20-30 - Website

This might sound absurd at first but when you think of some of the tight baking situations you’ve poured yourself into, you realise just how useful these bendable measuring cups can be.

7 - Aroma Forks - $19 - $60 - Website

It’s from back in 2014 but looks like it belongs in 2040. The aroma fork kicks out different smells while you eat food totally changing the dining experience. Just imagine eating custard and smelling vanilla, dining on spaghetti with tomato while sniffing fresh basil?

Read more about this Kitchen Gadget.

8 - Coffee in Style - $350 - Website

Chemex have launched the Ottomatic - an efficient sounding coffee machine that promises to bring the taste of the classic Chemex machines with none of the manual labour. This automatic Chemex is not Hipster friendly.

9 - Wine Glasses That Don’t Spill - $39 per glass - Website

Because we’ve all had that slow motion stopper just before a glass full of wine hits the deck. Forget that worry and use these clever designs that bounce back up even if they’re knocked over.

Read more about this kitchen gadget.

10 - Cocktail Tender - Not Yet Available

This cool gadget promises to make us all better bartenders by explaining drinks with a clever set of lights built into a cocktail shaker. Read more about this Kitchen Gadget.

11 - Spaghetti Measure - $8.50 - Website

Nothing worse than throwing away food and spaghetti seems to be one of those ingredients we all miscalculate. This nifty little ring will measure the amount of spaghetti you’re using so you get the right amount every time.

12 - French Fry Cutter - $15 - Website

Homemade fries win every time - we all know that, but peeling and slicing them can be a bit of a work up. In search of that modern day convenience without actually needing to visit a fast food place? Check out the Instant French Fry Cutter - it quickly chops your chips into perfect shapes ready for frying.

13 - RoccBox - Portable Stone Oven - $575 to pre-order - Website

Because this is just how we like to roll, literally with a stone over tied to our back wherever we go. Jokes aside, this bad boy brings all the wonderful favour of stone oven cooking and plonks it on wheels - for reals! Read more about this kitchen gadget.

14 - Stylish Spice Pen - $35 - Website

Check out the video of this cool gadget in action - it basically draws with a number of different spices or herbs, allowing you to add some pretty creative finishing to drinks and dishes.

15 - Pot Clips - $22 - Website

These simple clip designs are to help avoid the calamity of dropping your ladle or spoon into the thing you’re stirring - a common nuisance for many.

16 - June: The Clever Cooker - Expected Mid 2016 for $1,495 - Website

This is billed as a “computer based oven that thinks like a chef”. Called June - though we guess you can name it what you want - it’s basically an oven that can monitor foods and understand how best to cook them, all while you sit back and watch the telly. Read more about this kitchen gadget.

17 - Fold Flat Grater - $35 - Website

It’s certainly not the next microwave but this simple kitchen gadget is a true space saver and it also looks pretty cool.

18 - Egg Cuber For the Eggcentric Eaters - $15.99 - Website

If a round egg just doesn’t cut it for you why not force your next soft boil into a cube? Not sure why this is a good thing - perhaps for sandwiches? We did say some of them were wacky.

19 - The Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer - $50 - Website

Does what it says on the tin really - this gadget will tenderise your meat at the same time releasing the marinade of your choice. Soft and tasty meat all the way with this beauty. Read more about this kitchen gadget. 

20 - Smart Knife - Coming Soon! Website

The smart knife is firmly in the concept stages of development but the finished product is so promising we had to include it. It’s fitted with a touch screen that will relay data about food while cutting. It also keeps foods fresh by adding negative ions to them during prep. Read more about this kitchen gadget.

21 - 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer - $10 - Website

This little baby does exactly what it promises - splits, pits, and slices avocado without the mess you normally associate with a bowl of guac.

22 - Three Course Electric Steamer - $250 - Website

Steaming foods is a great way to keep that crunch freshness and all the nutrients of an ingredient - it’s also a go to cooking method for those wanting to watch what they eat. This gadget will steam three different foods and three totally different temperatures within the same box.

23 - Portable Solar Powered Cooker - Not Yet Available - Website

Sort of have to see it to believe it - which is why we included the video below.

24 - Strain and Drain Pasta Pan - $25 - Website

This simple idea makes draining liquid after cooking or cleaning ingredients as easy as opening the tap.

Read more about the kitchen gadget.

25 - The SteakLocker - Meat Ageing Fridge - $1,399.00 - Website

Aged meat just tastes better and this fridge design will allow people to begin the process of ageing their own meats at home. For the serious meat nerdy - or needy - depending on how you look at it.

Read more about this kitchen gadget.

26 - iGrill

Because everything’s cooler when you put an i in front of its name - jokes aside, this is cool. The iGrill will basically take your grilling game to the next level by teaching you how to grill your ingredients to perfection.

Read more about this kitchen gadget.

27 - Foodini 3D Printer - $1400 estimated - Website

2015 has definitely been the year of 3D printing - especially in the food industry where it seems everyone is trying to build the killer food printer we will all buy for our home. Foodini seems to be leading the way at the moment with an impressive collection of dishes and ingredients the machine can print.

Read more about this kitchen gadget.

28 - Poultry Lifter - $10 - Website

Roasting a bird is a labour of love which is why it’s so annoying if that bird is dropped from oven to table. The poultry lifter stops this problem by giving you a simple way to lift and move a bird after roasting - even while it’s still hot.

29 - Pasta Pots - $25-30 - Website

The picture says it all really - just tip into the sink when your pasta is finished cooking and drain all the contents in one simple move. Great for those who cook a lot of pasta.

30 - Grill Bot

Because the name iGrill was already taken - see number 26 above - Grill Bot was the name given to this mini cleaning robot - just pop this little critter on your grill and sit back while it sets about cleaning.

31 - Cute Chopping Board Holders - $11.40 - Website

Sure to make people smile - these cute little chopping board holders do an important job while adding some humour to your kitchen.

32 - Tiered Oven Rack - $22 - 25 - Website

Not having enough space in the oven to cook your ingredients separately can be a real pain, it also has a detrimental effect on the overall flavour of food if it’s all had to be cooked in the same pan. This 3 tiered oven rack should eliminate the problem by adding that extra rack space when it’s needed.

33 - Electric Corkscrew - $50 - 55 - Website

This is the 21st century, only idiots open wine with their own energy. The Electric Rabbit Corkscrew will take all the effort out of opening wine. With a simple click of a button it will cut the foil at the top of a bottle, pop the cork and if you’re not careful it will also drink the wine for you.

34 - Tables That Teach

This is firmly in the future but it’s one that we really want to own. The future table design, from Ikea of all people, will actually teach people how to cook and what to do while they’re actually cooking.

Read more about this Kitchen Gadget.

35 - Hot Man Trivet - $15-20 - Website

No, this isn’t a flame proof picture of Geroge Clooney - it’s actually a small metal man that will hold up a hot pan. Sick of burn marks on the table? Stick this bad boy down and he’ll keep your pans lifted of any surface.

36 - Robot Cocktail Maker - Website


What’s cooler than inviting people back for a drink only to have your robot make the refreshments? The Somabar machine will make cocktails in a similar way to pod coffee makers.

37 - Custom Knife - $100 - 500 - Website

They might look odd in their design but these knifes are actually crafted to perfectly fit your hand. Using 3D printing and some clever scanning software - the makers of the Next Gen knife promise it will fit your hand better than any other model on the market. 

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