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Choose your style from a selection of 6 different aprons

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Choose your style from a selection of 6 different aprons

In honour of the 150th anniversary of the Lewis Carrol classic ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood in London have created an exhibition around 'Alice' which amongst other exhibits highlights her iconic white pinafore. For Alice the white apron became less of a fashion accessory  and more about her identity.

This goes one step further in the kitchen where a chef’s apron doesn’t just protect from chef from exuberant sauces and spillages it’s also apparanltly an expression of the character and competence of the chef. So next time you reach for whichever apron is nearest to hand, remember you just might be making a statement about your competence in the kitchen.

The New York Times have selected a variety of modern aprons with something to suit all styles of chef– where their heeded advice is to at all costs avoid the ‘funny’ apron.

Here's a list of aprons available to buy:

Workman’s Aprons made in Hardy leather and denim, these are for chefs that mean business: 

1,Leather Lap Apron with leather straps from Stanley and Sons 

2.2015 anniversary apron No. 1 with split leg apron


Bright and decorative these aprons are more playful and would suit budding bakers:

3.Courtley Check apron from MacKenzie-Childs

4.Diner Stripe from Kate Spade


Tailored with a minimal look these are elegant and understated aprons for connoisseurs who are in the know:

5.Hedley & Bennett’s color-blocked waist-tied styles

6.Marcy ButlerItalian linen V-neck Carol 


Via The New York Times 

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