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How To Keep Food Fresh Without A Refrigerator

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How To Keep Food Fresh Without A Refrigerator
Photo Lost at E Minor

Contrary to popular belief, the fridge is not a vegetable's best friend. At least not according to Korean designer Jihyun Ryou, who has found that refrigeration can strip fruits and vegetables of their vitality, decreasing their nutrient content.

Inspired by traditional oral wisdom passed down for centuries, Ryou launched an alternate line of food storage as part of a project called Save Food From The Refrigerator. She designs each piece following an old wives' tale she has proven to be true.

For instance, one box stores apples and potatoes together (in theory, the gas emitted by the apples keeps the potatoes from sprouting). Another design, keeps root vegetables in a vertical position to preserve their energy and remain fresher longer. 

Check out her interesting concepts in the images and video below. In case you do stick to stashing your produce in the refrigerator, here are more tips on how to store vegetables and fruits.


Via Lost at E Minor


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    So nice for a kitchen with 5 carrots and a few apples and as long as the outside temp. is under 20°C. Otherwise I don't believe it works. Nice shelves though...

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