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Just Like Us: Stars Cook Too

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Just Like Us: Stars Cook Too
Photo Slate

In this world of papparazi, glamour and glitz, it's sometimes hard to remember celebrities are only human. Need proof? The team at Slate has put together a marvelous montage of pictures that prove celebritites are just like us.

The iconic pictures were taken by several photographers and belong to the collaborative Magnum Photos. You'll see Jane Fonda tending the stove in her French home in 1967 (pictured above) and Marilyn Monroe cleaning up after dinner during the filming of Misfits in 1960.

You can't miss Andy Warhol shopping for - what else? - Campbell's Soup and  a barefoot Joan Crawford cleaning up her fabulous kitchen back in 1959. Check out more iconic images of celebrities being just like us.

Via Slate

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