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'Just Add Water' Beer Powder Has Arrived

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'Just Add Water' Beer Powder Has Arrived

Imagine being able to slip a 12-pack of beers into your inside pocket ahead of a BBQ in the park or a camping outing instead of lugging around heavy set of cans.

This is the idea behind the Hybrid Brewing Technology is similar to that of soda streams with the creators inventing beer syrup that can be mixed into a cold beer in seconds.

It was created by Pat’s Backcountry Beverages and works simply by placing the unique pouch of beer concentrate into the bottle adding water and simply shaking the mix.

Through a mix of chemicals in concentrate the brew is given a frothy carbonated finish that the makers claim tastes like a full bodied brew.

The guys at Gizmag have a great interview with the inventor of the device, Pat Tatera, in which he explains the inspiration for his innovation and the process behind developing such a unique idea.

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