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Joël Robuchon's New Cookbook Aims to Heal You

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Joël Robuchon's New Cookbook Aims to Heal You
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World renown French chef Joël Robuchon aims to please more than the palate with his new cookbook Food & Life. The chef teamed up with respected neuropharmacologist and acupuncturist Dr. Nadia Volf to create recipes that treat common ailments including stress, poor circulation and heartbreak.

Robuchon, the highest ranked Michelin-starred chef in the world, has long been an advocate of highlighting the natural flavors of ingredients. His book takes things one step further by combining science and gastronomy to create delicious foods that can have a positive impact on our mind, bodies and health.

“It’s about what to eat at different times, when you feel one way or another. When you are obsessed by a thought that torments you, eat endives and your obsession will go away,” Volf told the New York Times.

“I see so many girls who comfort themselves after a heartbreak by eating Nutella and big portions of ice cream, but it doesn’t work. They gain weight, and they don’t feel better. The most beautiful thing to eat when you have heartbreak is turkey, because turkey has the amino acid tryptophan, which is the basis of our hormone serotonin. But the girls just don’t know that.”

Power foods recommend in the book include green peas (which improve circulation in the legs),  pumpkin seeds (to ward off obsessive thoughts) and duck breast (for improved memory and heart health). Times' staffers conducted their own experiments with Robuchon's recipes and found the dishes did indeed work their magic. 

The book is divided in five parts and features mouthwatering dishes such as foie gras sliders, diced beef fillets with wasabi spinach and harlequin peppers, and sea scallops with argan-oil vegetables.

Food & Life is being published by Assouline and will debut in October. You may pre-order a copy here.

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