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How To Make Colorful And Funny Rainbow Jello Shots

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How To Make Colorful And Funny Rainbow Jello Shots

Discover how to make rainbow jello shots and what is it about jelly shots that makes them so addictive. Could it be the fact they are see-through yet velvety? Whatever it is, adding jelly shots to your gatherings is a sure way to make them more fun. After all, who doesn't think it's fun to eat your drink, especially if it jiggles?

With that in mind, we would like to share this exciting recipe for rainbow jello shots. These colorful jelly shots are made with vodka and look pretty when served with a cherry in the center. We found these fun jelly shooters while perusing the Jello Shot Test Kitchen blog.

The rainbow jello shoots are easy to make and would look stunning served alongsdie blood orange jelly candies or futuristic jelly. For extra jelly fun, try playing the Noisy Jelly game or serving glow-in-the dark gin tonic jellies.

  • Diablo said on

    These jello rainbow molds are pretty awesome. I've seen a pretty cool tutorial on how to pour Rainbow Shots over at

    It's worth checking out. Later!

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