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Japanese Life in 365-Days Charming Everyday Things

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Japanese Life in 365-Days Charming Everyday Things
Photo © takuji shimmura

Imagine yourself in front of 365 loveable Japanese items, all of them thought and carefully crafted to add a little joy to each day of your calendar year. Don’t think of anything too extravagant: just small things designed to help you, comfort you or please you. This is what 365-days Charming Everyday Things is all about: a travelling exhibition whose mission is, in short, to make you a little happier.

Food and taste are well represented of course. Your attention may be caught by a grater whose every blade was carefully made by a craftsman so that it not would destroy the fibre of food more than necessary; or it may be the rice bowls shaped to make it easier to hold them and pick the food with chopsticks – all while looking nicer.

Before they became art, these items have accompanied the everyday lives of Japanese people. They all have genuine qualities to offer; they may reflect traditional wisdom, demonstrate crafting skills, please your sense of aesthetics or simply provide practical utility. But each and every one of them is a little wish for a better day.

After a visit to Paris, that you could see in this video, the exhibition is back home. Its next display is at the Pola Museum of Art in Tokyo (22th to 25th March).

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