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Introducing the Only Wine Glass You'll Ever Need

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Introducing the Only Wine Glass You'll Ever Need

Is your wine glass cupboard like the tardis? stocked with a haphazard collection of mismatched glasses accumulated over the history of time, stretching from the early chardonnay years up to the more serious claret days?

Then, it's time to Kondo your cupboards and start afresh! The one wine glass designed to suit all wines, whatever you're in to has finally arrived!

So forget white, red, champagne and everything in between. Acclaimed wine critic Jancis Robinson and London tableware designer Richard Brendon are taking away that whole "which glass to have with which wine" scenario with their new design glass that suits any wine, and it's called, drum roll .... "The Wine Glass."

"Use this glass for every wine, whatever its colour, including sparkling wine, port, sherry, sweet wines and anything else you want to savour and enjoy to the fullest."

It's a hand-blown stemmed glass with an ultra-fine tulip-shaped bowl which "allows the wine to breathe and captures its array of aromas, enhancing the experience of every sip" the website reads. There's also a water glass and a couple of wine carafes to complete the set.

The glasses aren't cheap, at £35 ($46) a piece. But if it's the only one glass you're going to buy, and space is tight, it's nice to know there's a one size fits all option out there.

And, if you're worried about losing those lonely flutes at the back of the cupboard, fear not, the champagne flute is already dead!


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