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Personalise Cocktails with the Alkemista

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Personalise Cocktails with the Alkemista

Love kicking up your cocktails? Why not try giving your home bar mixology skills an extra edge by customising your spirits with your favourite aromas.

It's easier than it sounds, especially with a new piece of bar kit called the Alkemista all-in-one spirits infusion vessel.

Beginning life as "a quest to craft a better cocktail" the team behind the elegant new bar addition soon discovered that "fresh spirit infusions were the key to creating remarkable cocktails and bitters".

Looking more like a classic spirits bottle than an "infusion vessel" the Alkemista is combines a Japanese teapot making it a user friendly piece of kit for anyone wanting to custom infuse cocktails at home by experimenting with their favourite spirits and flavours.

How does Alkemista Work?

Place the chosen ingredients like fruits, spices, roots or botanicals into Alkemista’s stainless steel infusion filter, and then add a base alcohol like whiskey, gin, vodka or tequila. Allow the flavours to steep for as long as you like, then use infused spirit directly from the Alkemista or mix with other ingredients.

Launched on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, enthusiastic backers have already pledged more cash than the target. At the time of writing one kit retailed at $45.

Is this what your home bar has been waiting for?

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