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The Pinterest Infographic

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The Pinterest Infographic

There's no denying the benefit that Pinterest can bring to your blog or website. It widens audience, opens up new ways to demonstrate your content and drive increased traffic to recipes and blogs that cover food.

The site has grown from just over half a million monthly;y users to over 20 million, in just a year, one of the fastest emergences and uptakes ever for a new social network.

Th infograph below by the team at Fast CoDesign looks at Pinterest, the people who use the service and, more importantly, how they use it. It's not food specific but if you want to use pinterest and want to understand the audience that you're sharing with, it's invaluable.

If all of this makes no sense or you want to know more about how to use pinterest to promote your food, here's 5 Pinterest Tips from FDL.

Fast Codesign
Fast Codesign
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