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The NASA-Inspired Indoor Hydroponic Garden

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The NASA-Inspired Indoor Hydroponic Garden
Photo DesignLibero

If you would love to start an herb garden but are tight on space the NASA-inspired Green Wheel may just be the solution. This sleek indoor hydroponic garden successfully grows herbs and vegetables in a confined space. 

At the center of the Green Wheel you'll find an LED light source that illuminates herbs as they grow in perforated vases outfitted with coco fiber. A water pump in the base keeps plants hydrated while an engine spins the wheel every hour to ensure proper drainage and optimal photosynthesis.

This sophisticated indoor hydroponic garden was designed by Milan-based studio DesignLibero and can be managed by an app installed on mobile devices. If it's good enough for astronauts, it'll be more than great for earth-bound gardeners. Don't you think?

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