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Ikea Step Into Home Gardening

By FDL on

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Ikea Step Into Home Gardening

Ikea, the people who taught us all how to put up our own furniture, are stepping into the world of gardening with a new hydroponic indoor garden.

Set to launch in April, they say the system is designed to make it possible for any person to simply start their own garden.

By using hydroponics the Ikea team have managed to get rid of the need for soil and the systems are also fitted with sensors to make sure plants are watered perfectly.

It might not seem like big news but a company as large and influential as Ikea stepping onto the home gardening market is surely going to have an impact. They managed to convince us all to build our own beds, they must be able to convince us to plant our own herbs.

Take a look at the video below to find out more.

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