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Ikawa: The Home Coffee Bean Roaster

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Ikawa: The Home Coffee Bean Roaster

Coffee geeks – the moment has finally arrived when you can extend your coffee prowess from grinding and brewing to home roasting with Ikawa: the digital home coffee bean roaster.

Yes, that's right, the time has come for the "world's first digital micro-roaster" with a small enough footprint to sit on your kitchen countertop and roast fresh coffee beans according to your flavour preference in as little as three minutes.

Thanks to a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign started in 2015 the start-up company Ikawa have managed to channel their personal experience and inspiration into bringing the device into production, making it available for domestic use.

Intended to roast small batches of coffee in your domestic kitchen the roaster responds to a number of pre-programmed profiles with the help of some connected technology via a smartphone.

IKAWA | Home Coffee Roaster from IKAWA Coffee on Vimeo.

Bringing the beans direct from the farmer to the consumer the philosophy is also to reconnect with producers, hence a donation of 10% of revenue from selling green coffee beans will go to a quality improvement fund.

Available now for pre-order from IKAWA for £750 and delivery in December 2016, or £1000 thereafter.

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