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The iGrill - A Hi-Tech Way to Grill

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The iGrill - A Hi-Tech Way to Grill

We’ve highlighted a number of useful guides and techniques for how to grill meat perfectly on FDL, but the one for sure method for cooking perfect meat every time is to use a thermometer.

A meat thermometer allows you to know exactly how hot the inside of your piece of steak is and this helps cook each piece to perfect taste. One guest wants it rare, the other well done, easy, just pull the rare off at 120 and the well done at 160.

The iGrill is a simple meat thermometer that helps users cook their meat through simple companion app for mobile devices that’s designed to prompt and aid cooks as they’re grilling.

Most professional chefs and kitchens employ the thermometer technique but many home cooks seem a little hesitant - perhaps because even with a thermometer you still need to know the right cooking breakdowns. iGrill will take away this hesitation by offering users a perfect breakdowns of the temperatures needed for cooking different foods perfectly.

The app will also alert users to remove an item when it’s cooked, meaning you don’t have to constantly keep going back to the grill to check the heat of your meat. At $99 the device isn’t cheap but it’s a professional piece of kit that receives solid reviews from users in the App store, there is also an iGrill mini for $39.99. 

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