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New Gadget Adds Layer of Ice to Glasses

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New Gadget Adds Layer of Ice to Glasses

A cold cocktail is important, everyone knows it. If you want to have a great tasting cocktail, keeping it chilled throughout drinking is key. It’s why barmen go to such great lengths with ice and often chill the glass before they’ve even thought about mixing your drinks.

It’s with this in mind that former bartender Daniel Kana has created the IceLiner - a new gadget that he hopes will soon chill all of our drinks.

It works by creating a thin layer of ice inside a glass - this in turn keeps the drink cold throughout the drinking process without using lots of ice that eventually melts and dilutes the drink.

Kana has developed two designs so far, one for the classic Martini style cocktail glass and the other for whiskey tumblers.

He’s close to achieving his goal and is looking to raise just under $9,000 on Kickstarter with 13 days left on the campaign.

You can see how the IceLiner works in this video.

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