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Hugh Acheson's 'The Broad Fork' Makes Vegetables The Star

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Hugh Acheson's 'The Broad Fork' Makes Vegetables The Star

Judging by the latest cookbooks from celebrity chefs, it seems that vegetables are the new meat. The Spotted Pig's April Bloomfield recently debuted a cookbook devoted to vegetables, Atlanta's Steven Satterfield published Root to Leaf and now Hugh Acheson is the latest chef to jump on the veggie bandwagon.

Acheson's new cookbook The Broad Fork: Recipes for the Wide World of Vegetables and Fruits offers 200 recipes made with 50 farm-fresh ingredients where animal proteins are the co-stars. The chefs offers tips, exciting cooking techniques and waxes poetically about fresh produce - from apples and artichokes to beets, berries and persimmons.

Here's an excerpt:

“The celery we get in out CSA box is not like the celery you get in the supermarket. It is like celery on flavor steroids. Its leaves are pungent, the stalks thinner and a far cry from the watery limbs of basic celery. The variety is called Tango. It is a treat to eat. Now, the regular celery in the supermarket is no lost cause; it’s just more, well, ordinary. Its leaves are aromatic and herbal, its stalk is crisp and savory, and when fully cooked, it softens to comforting tenderness.”

Must-try recipes from The Broad Fork include snapper ceviche with apple and lime, duck prosciutto with poached figs and cipollini risotto, glazed sweet potatoes with maple gastrique, grilled pork belly with persimmons and spicy soy vinaigrette.

Interested in picking up a copy? Find it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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