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How to Use Knives | Infographic

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How to Use Knives | Infographic

As keen kitchen people we like a good knife at FDL HQ. Whether that's designer knives from Milan, a great oyster knife or videos on super sharp Japanese knives, we've covered the whole spectrum of what is often referred to as the chef's magic wand.

Knowing what each knife's purpose is in the kitchen can take a while to learn and that's why we think this infograph from the team at BladeHQ is so useful. It explains a number of knives and their functions. From what knife to use on a tomato to how a chef can pair knives in the kitchen - this simple to follow infograph covers it all.

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  • japana said on

    I'm biased towards Japanese handmade knives, which I find more durable and edged. Sometime ago I wrote an article explaining what to look for when buying a knife (any origin) - maybe someone will find it useful! - I would be grateful for feedback. Thank you.

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