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New Site Shows You How to Start a Garden

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New Site Shows You How to Start a Garden

A new website called Start a Garden aims to help us all become better gardeners with some simple advice and tips on how to start a garden that matches our personal needs and space.

The initial idea was to build a tool that would help teachers teach their children about making healthier food choices and how they could produce their own ingredients. However, the site is now being used by people who want to plant their own ingredients but have little knowledge of where to start.

In four simple steps all a user has to do is chooses a container, ranging from a tin can to a clay pot. A user is asked if they want to plant indoors or outdoors and once the container has been picked, the site will suggest a range of ingredients that can be grown in that environment with that specific container.

Once a user has filled in the different options they’re given a breakdown of exactly how to grow their ingredients. How to pant, harvest, water and some of the common errors people make when planting these ingredients.

The site will also provide information of growing times and a nice calendar that helps people grow at the optimum time.

Although the service is intended for education of children, it’s surely going to help those who always seem to kill their plants. The different container sizes and indoor option make it perfect for those with little space who still want to grow some of their own produce.

If planting at home is your thing - check out this cool new tool for growing an avocado tree.

Via The Huffington Post

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