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To Start a Food Blog Check out Food Blogging For Dummies

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To Start a Food Blog Check out Food Blogging For Dummies

Food blogging is still one of the biggest blogging groups online with thousands of posts daily and hundreds of people building their template, picking their theme and starting food blogs daily.

As much fun as writing about food may seem - it's not all eating free meals and taking pretty pictures of muffins. It is hard work and their are many factors to building a succesfull blog. What platform is best for you? How can you take great pictures? How do you promote your blog? All questions and hurdles that every new food blogger faces which is why the popular book series For Dummies have just released their Food Blogging For Dummies book.

It covers a number of topics including how to identify your niche, design your site, find your voice, and create mouthwatering visuals of your best recipes and menus - it comes in at around 15 dollars on Amazon and seems like a nice guide for anyone just starting on their food blogging journey. 

You cab buy Food Blogging For Dummies here


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