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How to Season Cast Iron - The 18th Century Way

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How to Season Cast Iron - The 18th Century Way

A well seasoned and maintained cast iron pan can be a long lasting kitchen companion. However, seasoning cast iron pan is one of those kitchen tasks that many people approach differently.

There's a number of methods to season a pan with some choosing animal fats, some using vegetables oils, some calling for the oven and others suggesting the stove top is used.

With so many different methods available it can be hard to decide which method to take, which is why we want to bring you this video from Jas Townsend's 18th Century cooking series. He shows two separate methods for seasoning cast iron and explains the process behind the technique in a clear, understandable way.

If you have some cast iron kitchenware and want to keep it well maintained and in optimum condition this video is perfect for you.

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