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How To Peel and Eat A Banana Like A Boss - An Epic Video Lesson

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How To Peel and Eat A Banana Like A Boss - An Epic Video Lesson
Photo Food Beast

Eating a banana seems simple enough. You grab it, peel it and put it in your mouth, right? Well, kind of. Apparently, we've been eating bananas wrong this whole time. So how should we eat this tropical fruit?

This melodramatic video from the folks at Food Beast has all the answers. Set to a relaxing Enya track, it teaches us an epic lesson on how to peel bananas how nature intended (i.e., applying techniques used by monkeys).

Elie Ayrouth from Food Beast explains the eye-opening experience that taught him the proper way to eat a banana:

''The way I peeled them never crossed my mind, often snapping the stem part off, digging my fingers just below stem, or cutting it in half (yeah, my mom failed me again)....It wasn’t until I was sent a video of a chimp unsheathing a banana that I realized there indeed was a Utopian way of peeling the golden fruit: like a monkey.

The protagonist chimp effortlessly used the end I wasn’t accustomed to opening, the side without the stem. The furry fellow pinched half of the little nub of the banana and pulled down two perfect sides of the peel."

Watch the video and feel your animal instincts start to kick in:

Via Food Beast

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