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How to Ferment like Rene Redzepi

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How to Ferment like Rene Redzepi

The best cookbooks and kitchen finds are the ones recommended by others so when the owner of the world's best restaurant, Rene Redzepi, tweeted the cover of The Art of Fermentation, we had to check it out.

Written by Sandor Katz the book aims to offer tutorials and guides for home fermentation. Not sure what this is? or think it's a process only found in beer production? Fermentation is involved in the making of yogurt, sauerkraut, vinegar and most pickled foods.

The book passes through the scientific explanation of fermentation and explains the process in simple language with great use of illustrations.

The book also offers sound advice on using fermentation as a preservation technique, how to effectively preserve foods and how to do all of this safely without forming a world killing bacteria in your own kitchen.

This really is an in-depth look at fermentation and is as suited to beginners as it is to farmers, foragers and world famous chefs like Rene Redzepi.

The Art of Fermentation

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