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How to Cook Without a Book - The One Book You Need

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How to Cook Without a Book - The One Book You Need

How to Cook Without a Book - is, ironically, a book that teaches people how to cook without the need for recipe books.

Written by Pam Anderson, the book is made up simple techniques that allow home cooks to step away from tedious recipes and long lists of exotic ingredients and instead cook with what they have to hand.

The idea is that each chapter takes you through different techniques for certain dishes, how to dress greens, how to cook eggs - each section should impart enough knowledge that you can eventually cook the dishes without he need for a recipe.

Anderson also wants home cooks to have the confidence and ability to step well away from tried and tested recipes and cook with methods stored by memory.

Although the first edition of the book was published in 2000 - it is still widely regarded as an important book for any keen cook and the perfect first book for someone wanting to develop their cooking style at home. 

At a time when Mark Bittman and others are calling for the return to home cooking, this book could be the perfect add to your collection. 

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