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How Cutting Boards Are Made

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How Cutting Boards Are Made

Have you ever wondered how your wonderful chunk of cutting board came to be? Probably not, it’s not really a common question but this video filmed at the Larch Wood Enterprises company in Canada shows you the process as it happens.

Starting with a huge log, machines slowly cut down the wood into their intended shape. From there they’re placed inside a kiln where the wood is dried evenly for up to 20 days.

Once dried, the larger pieces of wood are then hand cut for the specific size of each cutting board.

A machine then makes smaller sticks out of the wood, which is finally moulded before a person resembles the individual sticks and glues them back together. They’re then cross cut and glued for a second time, helping reveal wonderful patterns in the wood.

You really won’t believe just how much work goes into making a great board.

Watch the video below and see for yourself.

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