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New Gadget Adds Hops to Beer

By FDL on

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New Gadget Adds Hops to Beer

If you love a hoppy kick to your pint of beer you’re going to love Hoppier, a new invention that allows people to customise the hop levels in their beer.

Hoppier is a simple device that fits onto an existing beer tap. People can simply choose to have their beer forced through a separate compartment filled with fresh hops.

Edward Brunner, head of food and beverage systems at Cambridge Consultants, the makers of the device, says: “Essentially, we’re making an 'espresso' of beer, we’ve taken our expertise in fluid technology and beverage systems, and transferred that knowledge between different industries – using some of the secrets of successful coffee machines to enable us to create personalised beer that is fresh and natural."

The makers also think the device could lead to a whole new way of drinking beer with hops easily replaced with herbs and spices to add new flavours to drinks.

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