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Homemade Hard Cider is Made Easy with Alchema

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Homemade Hard Cider is Made Easy with Alchema

Homemade hard cider has been given a technological upgrade with Alchema's new "countertop smart home-brewer" that can turn any number of fruits into your alcoholic tipple of choice at the flick of a switch.

Craft cider, mead or wine are all within easy reach simply by loading up the device with fruit, sugar, water and yeast and selecting the desired recipe on the app.

The company claim they wanted to turn cider making on its head likening its simplicity to that of making a pot of coffee. The harder bit might be the wait - with cider taking 1-2 weeks and wine more than 16, although your inevitable thirst will be rewarded with roughly three bottles of wine worth.

The start-up company have already smashed their funding campaign launched on Kickstarter where you can pick still pick up a unit from around $399USD at the time of writing.

Watch how it works:

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