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The Ultimate Pizza Gadget

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The Ultimate Pizza Gadget

There’s been a bunch of gadgets launched in the past few months aimed at helping pizza lovers make great tasting pizza at home.

The issue with home cooked pizza is the oven: it’s just not hot enough. Real pizza ovens hit some pretty extreme heats which is why pizza cooks so quickly and why you get those lovely bubbles around the crust.

The latest company to help us emulate the wonderful pizza oven taste is Pizzacraft Stovetop Pizza Oven.

The oven sits over a regular gas burning stovetop and can reach temperatures of 600 degrees, well enough to give you that pizza style hit at home.

It costs $175 on Amazon, now you just have to master the dough, proofing and exactly how to roll it out.

Don’t miss these tips on how to make great pizza from The Pizza Pilgrims.

The video below shows how it works. 

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