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Chefs are Going Crazy for this Culinary Centrifuge

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Chefs are Going Crazy for this Culinary Centrifuge
Photo Modernist Pantry

Chefs, bartenders and experimental home cooks rejoice: there's now a culinary centrifuge that fits neatly on the counter top and isn't the size of a small car.

The Spinzall is the creation of culinary scientist Dan Arnold and his team at Booker and Dax, and is roughly the size of a food processor – many centrifuges in professional kitchens have until now been huge, hulking machines and completely impractical for the home or bar.

The home centrifuge works by separating whatever is in it based on density, so separating fats and starches for example, allowing you to identify and obtain the true essence of an ingredient’s flavour – a herb oil perhaps – and impart it into something else entirely if you like! Or you could use it to churn butter in a matter of minutes.

This serious bit of kit doesn’t come cheap: the Spinzall is available for pre-order (expected delivery summer 2017) for $699 from the Modernist Pantry. It’s time to unleash the mad hungry scientist in you and give the likes of Heston Blumenthal and Wylie Dufresne a run for their money.

As you can see below, David Chang's already a fan.

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@bookeranddaxlab Company, creators of the Searzall, is introducing the Spinzall, the first centrifuge designed from the ground up for culinary use. Its makes centrifuging an easy part of kitchen workflow in bars, restaurants @cookingissues has made something that every kitchen both home and professional will need.

Posted by David Chang on Friday, December 9, 2016

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