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Historic Heston Cookbook for Just $65

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Historic Heston Cookbook for Just $65

If the monster sized cookbook, Historic Heston, by Heston Blumenthal released earlier this year was just a bit too expensive for your budget, you’ll be happy to hear the chef will be releasing a cheaper version of the original publication which was voted Cookbook of the Year at the 2014 James Beard Awards.

The original book was priced at around $200 with the new release, coming October 2014, will clock in at just $65.

The book features a collection of recipe from Blumenthal’s research at his Dinner restaurant in London, ranked at 7th on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List. It features recipes for many of the restaurants signature dishes, including the chef’s famous meat fruit recipe which dates back to the 1500s.

It seems the less expensive book has the same content as the original, with Eater reporting it’s actually 16 pages longer. The move will surely allow a whole new demographic to gain access to the book, something to be welcomed by home cooks around the world.

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