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Lunchtime Just Entered the Future with the High Tech Lunchbox

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Lunchtime Just Entered the Future with the High Tech Lunchbox

Always had good lunchtime intentions about taking pack up to work but never quite got into the habit?

Fear not, help is at hand in the new sleek and portable connected lunchbox, Prepd that thinks ahead for you so you don't have to.

Designed to 'revolutionise lunchtime' the high tech nutrition led lunch time solution promises to help you take back control of your waistline and wallet through a series of carefully devised desk top lunches that store neatly in your bento like lunchbox.

Coming with an inbuilt app and preparation module the Prepd is curated by professional chefs, nutritionists and food lovers aiming to help you prepare ahead, eat nutritionally balanced meals, and generally get yoursef back on an even lunchtime keel for the week ahead - no more excuses for a mid week blow out or succumbing to that afternoon snack attack.

Magnetic cutlery, leak free plastic module containers and an eating mat complete the sleek desk lunch look.

If you get really into the swing of it you can connect with a whole smug lunchbox community online and share your creations.

Co-creator (with Will Matters) Chris Place tells Mashable, "Users will be able to create a profile where they can not only bookmark and store recipes that they would like to try but also upload their own recipes, enabling them to share with the community."

Launched on the crowd funding website Kickstarter, the Prepd has already secured above and beyond their funding target meaning it won't be long till we can get our hungry hands on them. 

You can pick up one of the prototypes for $50.

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