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WATCH: Heston Blumenthal Explains Anti-Suction Blending

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WATCH: Heston Blumenthal Explains Anti-Suction Blending
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If you're a fan of creamy, velvety, light soups then it's time you stepped up your game.  As British chef-cum-mad scientist Heston Blumenthal explains in the video below, you're practically wasting your time if you don't have an anti-suction immersion blender.

Unlike traditonal immersion blenders, which stick to the bottom of the pan and splash everywhere when the suction is broken, the Breville anti-suction blenders are designed to do the complete opposite.

The chef explains that this new type of blender is built with the power of a regular immersion blender but ''reduces suction by 80 percent, makes aerating easier and more managable, speeds up the blending process and helps prevent a ripe old mess.''

Blumenthal is a spokesperson for Breville and is commonly featured in the company's Thought for Food videos such as this one:

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